Monday, March 20, 2017

Being Simple in Changing World!

Change is constant, no-one disagrees with the phrase.
However, the speed at which we are undergoing change defines the moment we are in. Acceptability is into aligning ourselves with the rate of change.

Be it the employee demography, Customer mindset, or your own leadership expectations, it is changing at a fastest pace than one would think several years ago.

Digital innovation all across is adding to the complexity. Technological advancements in terms of IOT, Advanced Analytic and Predictive Modeling is bringing the paradigm shift, and a new normal norm.

With all of the complexities in the changing world, how should one cope up with it....It lies in the simplicity at which one adopts a change. All of us into management are perfectly aware of how difficult it gets to do things in a simple way. Isn't it?

While approaching change, introducing simplicity in the processes, people and tools aspects is the way go forward.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Hail the Supreme Court!

News websites in the mornings were filled with two important stories, which exhibit the autonomy and integrity with which Supreme Court of India functions! I salute to these judges with the conviction that they run one of the most important pillars of our democracy. They surely represent the ethos of the Indian President, who recently requested all Indians to be argumentative and not intolerant.

Ok, let me mention those two decisions that I am referring here.

The first one, where Supreme Court ruled that the electoral process cannot  be driven by religion and caste. Candidates must not try to seek votes on the name of religion or caste. If this is construed and implemented properly, it will go a long way in changing the fundamentals of how the elections are won today in India. It will set-up norms to run for elections on the name of development, social justice and ensuring peace. I think, in a long run if the limitations of this judgment are covered from time to time; it will also help in changing the perception and behavior of public in general. 
Again, kudos to our judges, Supreme Court and the process that they went through to deliver this judgment.

The other one is in reference to the game that most of Indians including myself hold closest to our heart. It is with Cricket and its governing body BCCI. Board Chief and secretary were removed with an order in an immediate effect. I highly recognize the need and efforts on part of Supreme Court to bring in transparency and highest level of governance in the functioning of Cricket board. However to me the latest judgment and the episode for last few months has been to the extent of interfering in the private matters of a private organization. To me all of this seem unfair, and BCCI seem to be subjected to such a treatment because of the whopping amount of money that they deal with is unparalleled not only in India, but also in the world...In last 10-15 years, what BCCI has been able to achieve is, very few private organizations (and public ones to) can boast of. They have set-up India on the world road-map, and we have gained so much muscle power in the functioning of world cricket. Whats happening today is just taking our Cricket to where we were several years ago.
In all realities, BCCI is and has always been a private party, and must be governed by the standards applicable to other companies operating in India. BCCI must be brought to norms with what has been already set in our Law; and not with an intent to set an example.

Let us see, how these two events unfold in the course of time!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rural India - Healthcare Challenges

Rural India has several challenges, and one of the most prominent ones is lack of quality healthcare. I find it despairing to see the condition of healthcare in every village that I have visited, and people I have talked. Leave aside the availability of hospitals, one cannot easily find a good clinic doctor for outpatient visits. One has to travel for 150-200 kms to reach to a town and access good quality care. Being in such situations, villagers typically avoid seeing a doctor unless it becomes an emergency; and many a times it is too late and life-threatening.

To meet the basic needs, there is a crop of pseudo-doctors (read illegal doctors) have come up. Farmers, rural villagers with no choice are visiting these pseudo-doctors in dire needs. Such pseudo-doctors generally would not have any basic knowledge of medicine, and they are checking the patients, diagnosing them and prescribing unnecessary tests and medicines.

There have been several cases of overdoses of medicines, incorrect medicine prescriptions and delayed discovery of a severe disease. People are suffering, however lack of options are making it difficult for villagers to avail right timely care.

Governments, both federal and state levels need to work together and put in efforts to improve the healthcare standards in villages; which comprises of over 60% of India. Governments needs to start with some  basic provisions such as setting up rural clinics within a proximity of 50-60 kms, and ensuring to have a quality hospital within 150 km. 

To facilitate access to good quality doctors and hospitals, government needs to motivate them by monetizing them or providing special accreditation to them.

Governments may want to include a special clause for doctors to retain their certification or accreditation by ensuring that they spend certain hours of time in villages providing care.

Governments and Private players can tie hands to set-up facilities in rural set-ups and in turn governments may want to reward them through relaxed tax norms, or some other means.

Apart from governments, and private players, I would urge the charitable institutions to focus on rural healthcare; and bring more awareness to general public on this issue.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Demonetization: What Rupee could do, Bolivar could not manage it!

On October 8, 2016, India implemented unthinkable is to implement Demonetization. It effective removed the currency notes of rupees 500 & 1000 (86% of cash in circulation) from market by declaring them as an invalid legal tender.
Venezuela, taking a cue from this, tried to implement something similar by scraping Bolivar 100 notes, and replacing it with higher currency notes (up to Bolivar 20000).

While the intent on both the occasions was more or less the same to curb corruption and deter black money hoarders; it met with different fate in both the countries.

In India, the implementation still seems to be successful, and true success of demonetization can be measured only after a few months. It had to be rolled back in Venezuela within few days of rolling it out.

I see three main reasons for the successful implementation of demonetization in India:
  1. A vision: Clarity of thought on the need to implement this. Underlying idea was very pertinent to the people in general.
  2. Better Marketing: Howsoever short notice to implement the initiative, the concept was presented rightly to the people. Crisp and clear message noting the point #1, and coupled with  with broader nationalism angle left little opposition. 
  3. Conductive Environment: Indian economy is comparatively in much better shape, and government still enjoys a majority support. Government came up with this offensive, when opposition was asking questions on its pre-election manifesto to curb corruption. It was killing two birds with one strike.
These three reasons allowed the people to embrace the idea, absorb the pain (supposedly short term) and support the initiative.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ocean: Expanded Greatness!

O' Ocean!
I see you, and see you...and explore the infinity in you!
Eyes go wide, and shrunk...and I just see you!

O' Ocean!
Expansions and Contractions...Waves do come and go; and so be the noise!
Ah, I get filled with the peace of life!

O' Ocean!
Vastness, and the extent of hugeness...almost being scary!
Affectionate me with your lovely shores!

O' Ocean!
In daring you, I dare myself...Challenges lie ahead!
Live with aspirations! Make goals, and Conquer them!

O' Ocean!
Being the Great, Being the with humility!
You, continue to inspire, and amaze me!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Living a Promise!

Mahabharata is truly an EPIC grantha! A Holi literature. Each and every character resembles Good and Bad side of life! Amalgamation of what one can possibly get while living one's life.

I am yet to read any books on Mahabharata, however I am privileged to watch it on television. "Shri Krishna" directed by Shri Ramanand Sagar & "Mahabharata" directed by B. R. Chopra are two such wonderfully produced television serials; watching it is a sheer pleasure to intellectuals, and also those holding any religious beliefs.

There is a character, called Devrath, also called Bhisma Pitamaha. This individual stands out with his conduct, and  his immortal standards of living is an example to human beings.

Irony is, his life came into existence only because his father broke the very promise to his mother. The result was his mother vanished from existence; and he got his life. From there on, Devrath lived his life by an example. He fulfilled every promise, every word that he uttered.

It was part of what he promised his step-mother, he never married, he relinquished the kingdom. It was his promise to his mother, and his father to provide his support to the kingdom, that he has to remain on the sides of those who represented injustice.

Bhishma and his promises are one of the underlying reasons on why Mahabharata was shaped the way it eventually did. Had he not been what he was, we would have seen a completely different Mahabharata!

Happy & Happening Diwali!

Wishing all of you a very Happy and Happening Diwali!

Indeed this has been a happening Diwali! Scanned through my regular Indian, and International websites, and I found lot of things happening on the name of Diwali festival...Good, rather I feel happy and happening about it:)

Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton sharing the Diwali Wishes was just a minor thing...Prime Minister Modi spending time with Soldiers was a thing of common, and he spending his greetings on Mann Ki Baat was just coincidence!

India winning Champions Trophy was a big deal, winning it against Pakistan was awesome!  Another news talked about United Nations putting the "Happy Diwali" message along with a symbol of traditional Diya on its corporate office...

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, and Shivaay fighting it out to win the largest share of Box Office Collections...Let us see who wins the is interesting to see two different genres doing it...
How can I forget the Diwali, and its brand celebration at Bachchan's house, though I noticed only a few guests this time...It was supposed to be grand, isn't it...

Delhi again saw a deteriorating air quality during Diwali...and an advice for Delhites to stay within their homes...Wow...Bizarre! Time to come up with some new policies to curb policies during festivals....Then, I saw another interesting news, that 8 Tamilnadu villages celebrate Diwali with no noice, and no pollution.And that too for past 8 years..An ECO way!

The best part was American President Obama lighting a Diya in the white house, a new tradition for American Presidents, with a message, "that it continues with future presidents"....What a best way to celebrate Diwali...

May the light of knowledge, and righteousness fill everyone's life with wisdom, and truth! Happy Diwali.