Saturday, May 19, 2018

Back to Mumbai, very briefly - After 4 years!

Finally, I was in Mumbai, India after close to 4 years on Jan 1, 2018. Really a long time. I understand it is subjective...But to me, within my heart this really took so long to be back in your country.

I stepped out of Airport early in the morning. It was 3:30 AM. And, witnessed what is true to Mumbai. It was packed like any other time during the day. 
Truly AWAKE, and LIVE. I've seen several cities and its airports. Very few come close to what Mumbai is. Always ALIVE, non-sleep, dynamic, vibrant, and MOVING.

Experiencing the population, buzzing traffic, pollution. Feeling was pretty much the same. Olden days are still in memories.

Very warm people. It was great to meet my own family and friends. People on roads, in buses, in guest-house, others are ready to mingle, get into conversations. Topics are endless:)

Then got to face the heat of Andolan (strikes) as well. Roads were blocked, trains were not running. You could not move, it was crippled for hours. But, Mumbai being Mumbai; no-one can bring it to ransom. In this situation too, there were people ready to help each other, caring for each other. It was quite a adventure for me to reach my destination though.

So what has changed. I found more people talk in English than Hindi. You go to banks, go to offices (non-governmental), people prefer communication in English. They mix it with Hindi.

Work on Mumbai METRO is on full swing. Everybody I met was very appreciative of the speed at which the construction was going in. There is a positive wait for it. It will ensure better connectivity across the city, and gives the HOPE of easing traffic congestion.

On departure from Mumbai, I could see the beauty of Mumbai Airport. I did not notice at the time of arrival. It has changed much, 'n changed for better. At par or better than many of worlds best airports.

Will get back soon, Mumbai!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

India Visit - What a common man thinks!

During my India visit, I happen to spend some time with a scientist. A scientist in his own thinking, and approach was this auto driver. It was an insightful discussion with this individual, and relate to his passion towards growing India.
This is a Muslim man, who is very passionate about our country, India, our prime minister Mr Modi, and future prospects.
One of the important things that he said is he believes in logic. Science is all about applying logic instead of blindly believing it.
Some of the logical explanations were:
  1. Were we monkeys, NO...Were their dianosours, NO. Human beings were never monkeys, or dinosaurs. Just that human beings were larger in size creatures, and with time their size 
  2. Once he found someone who has been having medicines for past 3 months, and still having cold and fever. He asked a basic question - Do you sleep on the floor, do you take bath in the morning with cold water. And, there were reasons why he was not being cured quickly.
  3. Body is like a machine...It needs to be oiled, and nurtured. Sleep and Food provides the fuel to the body. It is important to take care of body the way you would take care of Car. Right amount of sleep is important. And right diet (quantity and content) is very important.
  4. There is one GOD, and that exists...Everybody else has expired...If something has expired, then it cannot be God. I will not get into further details here. But he has explanations around what exists even today, and that is permanent. And, that is GOD.
  5. He justifies why was it important to go away with Triple Talaq. This is not only good for Muslim women, it is equally good for Muslim me and in general for Muslim society. He gives kudos to PM Mr Modi on strongly implementing this. Other governments had a chance to do it several years ago, however they did not.
  6. He touched upon population control too. Does not agree with We "Two", and Our "One"...He wanted to at least keep it to "Two". He attributed several reasons to it. Primary being allowing two siblings be the support for each other, and also they can act as back-up to each other for ageing parents.

There are three key take always, and innovative solutions that he talked about:

  1. We all need to continue to learn and be in present times. Same applies to religious literatures...It needs to be updated based on current context.
  2. Today's Traffic problem can be resolved. He had several suggestions. His prime suggestion was to limit the cars based on how rich the person is. It must be on tax declarations. Allow only two cars, if his annual income is above Rs 10 lakhs...limit it to only 1 car, if it is between Rs 5 Lakhs and Rs 10 Lakhs...And, so on.
  3. To secure India, one needs to provide right salary to Police, and some of the key roles in middle income society such as watchman and drivers. Police definitely plays a key role in the society. Had it not been to Mumbai police, things would have been really bad in Mumbai with the population, and variety who lives in the city. He gives thumbs up to Mumbai police for doing their job so diligently. He also clearly articulated that some of the regular daily job earners watchman, drivers need to be paid adequate salary to not caught into corruption. They have extremely important role in securing the society.
  4. Employment Generation would not be a bigger problem in India. There are ways to generate employment. His biggest suggestion was to implement three shifts. Instead of 8 hours shift including lunches and breakfast time; limit a shift to only 6 hours. A shift should be rigorous without having lunches, breakfast...That way you can introduce three shifts in the day, or four shifts if it is 24 hour working office.

He anyways concludes that Mr Modi is the best PM that India can have...It is after a long time, that our country has gotten a world level leader. He also says, that we being a democratic country; we need to have a next rung of competing leaders..So, it is time either Rahul steps up as a leader, and passes the baton to another qualified leader in Congress party.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Reporting, in today's times!

In today's times, reporting is not fair, and impartial.

You don't believe it, open any news paper or website right now. Read any article, opinion, and coverage; you will sense an inclination towards one side. You read the first para, and you know the direction of the rest of the article. Para after para, the article would just reinforce what you have read in the first para.

A writer has a specific narrative affiliated to a particular political party, one stakeholder, that he or she wants to communicate. In the process, they tend to twist or hide the other possibilities while writing an article...You can sense only one narrative, and there is no alternative. There is no effort to explore the "other" possibilities.

I'm not talking about the clarity that one should have at any point of time...This is not about the black, and white, one should be in a situation. You reach to a conclusion only after research, and only after acquiring facts.

Job of a reporter should be to present an unbiased opinion. In the absence of facts, a reporter cannot take a position; he or she should present the various possibilities.

Readers as well have become more smart today. Gone are the days, when they were loyal to one news paper, or website...A reader in today's times is looking for articles that either matches to the narrative that they appreciate, or the ones which are neutral in the assessment. They start ignoring those writers, articles, and to the extent news papers/ websites as well; which strongly enforce the opposing view.
I wish, and request all the intellectual writers to start presenting neutral, holistic and all inclusive view on any topic, or subject. Don't be prejudiced, or influenced by a specific party to the story. Absolutely take a stand, but only if it can be substantiated with facts. Else, such reporters would be labelled as paid media.

See, I have taken a stand myself, starting this article with a conclusion in itself. Isn't that what you see with every other article:)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Time for elections, and role for Shatrughna Sinha!

This year has been phenomenon for BJP, they have performed exceedingly well across the elections throughout the year. Be it assembly elections, civic body or gram panchayat; BJP's saffron flag kept flying high. Not getting the desired win at a few university elections may sound alarming, however they do not figure on a bigger scheme of things.

This time, it is all about elections of two more assemblies - Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Both the states are significant to the principal parties in India - BJP and Congress. They have applied their own strategies, and arithmetic at work to ensure that they regain the control of the assembly and increase their vote share. Amid all of this, I find it interesting to track which way Mr Shatrughna Sinha is trending.

Like all the previous assembly elections post the 2014 Lokshabha elections; Shatrughna Sinha is sending all the wrong signals. He claim to be speaking for the benefit of the party, but the language is more of someone who has sour mouth. He is not given any more importance on election campaigns, and has not been given any important portfolio or positions in the party. He probably knows that his shining  days in the party are over, and in most probability his parliament seat in the next election in 2019 is at risk.

BJP also seems to have not a clear strategy on how to tackle a high profile individual such as Shatrughna Sinha. The BJP leadership look to have made a decision to tolerate all the wrong-doings and outspokenness of him at the cost of impacting the party's image. They are probably waiting for him to make the first move.

I strongly believe it is time for the party leadership and Shatrughna Sinha to have an open discussion to allow an amicable end of this sourness. A change of party at this time for Shatrughna Sinha will not do any favors, and will only impact his image and dilute his contributions to BJP for such a long time.

Hope a right sense will prevail soon on both the sides.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Need of revamped Appraisal System!

Performance Appraisals are part and parcel of today's HR possesses, conducted minimum once a year in organizations. Objective is to evaluate employee performance for the term (mostly a year, this could be quarter, or half-yearly), provide feedback, and also use it as a basis to finalize compensation and promotions.

In today's times, appraisal systems have become mechanical in nature. In trying to introduce Objectivity, it has been made more of a computer game; the smarter the individual is, he or she can easily control and manipulate the final score...Subjectivity for that matter is not completely gone away. Still many of appraisals, and in many organizations, are addressed through the act of favoritism. 

So, is it time to revamp the performance appraisal systems? Indeed it is time to reason out the Performance Appraisal systems. Lot of time and energy is spent each year in managing this process year-on-year. Our HR theorists should come up with different ways to assess employee performance, and improve the morale and motivation across employees.

Wouldn't it be better to replace a performance appraisal system with Self-Assessment, and guidance from the management? Any negative performance or positive performance needs to be captured as they occur in the form of events. De-link the compensation and promotion from the performance assessment. While it will help to flatten the compensation structure, it also removes uncertainty and favoritism to a greater extent...Promotions need to be based on the capability of an individual. Capability evaluation needs to be based on System, Domain, and Technical understanding; coupled with future prospects. If an organization is really flat with fewer slabs of hierarchy, it A flat organization makes it further simple.

In today's times, employees are more smarter, and expecting a lot from the organization and management. A complex performance appraisal system only complicates the situation for the management. So, it is time to bring in simpler nuances of appraisal system, and replace the other components with what will keep employees motivated and attached to the organization.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Gandhi Day - Path of Truth!

It is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi today! A man, who mass-managed a mission to seek independence for our dear country! What we are today, and how we have achieved everything that we have until now; Gandhi's theology has an immense impact. I being a human being, and also being an Indian, have always admired him for how simply he defined and led his life.

When I was in school, I understood several facets of being Mahatma Gandhi. Be it non-violence, be it the doer and not being the preacher, cleanliness, and so many things...The one that created a huge impact on my life, is to follow the path of truth.

One can live a healthy life, if he is on the path of truth. There may be inconvenience at times, but you will never have a guilt of living a fake life. One can live with a clear conscience if you are on the path of truth!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Best Days of Cricket!

Cricket fans would love to see their base team always winning, and wish for un-predictables when the other teams play.

What we saw last two days, is exactly what a cricket fan wishes for. Two powerhouses in the world of test matches lost to lower profile teams.

West Indies came out as a winner against England, that was through determination and young heroic effort. West Indies is quickly getting into the groove, and they will be one of the tough teams to beat in next 12 months or so.

Bangladesh is another team, which has been challenging bigger teams time and again. They are already a power-house in one-day tournaments, and quickly sharpening their skills in longer format of the game. They were high in confidence when they beat comfortably and handsomely Australia, one of the top 3 teams in the world.

This is getting exciting...No team can take it for granted when they are playing against the other team.